Performance Pledges

Commitment to Perform for Our Customers

As a customer, you can expect these standards of conduct from
us, as multiple-line manufacturers' representative professionals:

1. We will make well-organized, effective sales calls.

2. We will have a thorough and practical knowledge of the
     suppliers we represent, their products and operations,
     and will speak and act with appropriate authority.

3. We will understand your needs, your operation, and the proper
     application of the supplier's products.

4. We will be effective, accurate, and timely in representing your
     requirements to your supplier.

5. We will be accessible and responsive before, during, and after the sale.

6. We will provide you with the best value that we have to offer, and
     be committed to your needs.

7. We will be absolutely trustworthy, exercising good judgment,
     flexibility, and competence on your behalf.

Commitment to Perform for Our Principals/Suppliers

As a principal/supplier, you can expect these standards of conduct from
us as multiple-line manufacturers' representative professionals:

1. We will cover our territory adequately, establish a presence for your
     line, and accomplish your mutually agreed-upon marketing objectives
     for strategic customer penetration, market share, and growth.

2. We will develop and continually improve our product knowledge, as
     well as our understanding of your capabilities, directions, strategies,
     niches, strengths, and weaknesses.

3. We will know our territory and customers thoroughly, including
     understanding their application needs so as to effectively represent
     those needs to you.

4. We will continually work on improving our selling skills and strategies.

5. We will be accessible and responsive to you and your customers
     before, during, and after the sale.

6. We will provide you thorough input, including sales forecasting,
     market reporting, sales analysis, lead follow-up, and reporting.

7. We will maintain a compatible roster of principals and compatible
     customer base, to provide substantial multiple-line selling synergy.

8. We will maintain an organization characterized by thoughtful
     financial management, fair employee compensation and motivation,
     and plans for business continuity.

Code of Ethics

We will serve our industry, principals, and customers, interacting with
one another in a professional and constructive manner.

We will conduct ourselves and our business in a professional
and honorable manner that reflects credit upon ourselves, the
manufacturer, customer, associations, and other manufacturers'
representatives, and the entire industry.

We will respect and honor the negotiated contracts of
principals represented.  We will refrain from deception or misrepresentation
of any price or product, or concealing pertinent facts.  We will give the same
service to customers and principals that they expect from their own

We will support the efforts of our colleagues, chapters, and international
associations to set standards for our profession through example,
education, and training to promote and protect the free enterprise system.

Whereas it is acceptable and routine for manufacturers' representatives to
advertise and promote their capabilities, we will refrain from
soliciting manufacturers with the objective of encouraging a principal to break
a contractual relationship with another representative.

We shall not directly or indirectly solicit the services or affiliation
of an employee of another representative without proper notice to the
other organization.

We will respect the confidentiality entrusted to us by principals, distributors,
customers, and fellow representatives.


Commitments and Codes listed above were adapted from the
Electronics Representatives Association, which can be reached
through   IBEX Systems is a past member of the
ERA as well as the Chicagoland ERA -

IBEX Systems
150 Greenfield Drive
Bloomingdale, IL  60108-3016 USA
tel:  630 307-3634

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