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        Digital & Optical Carrier Hierarchy Standards

Network Acronymns


Free Associations and Creeping Credentials

Amateur Radio -

Learn Morse Code in One Hour (or even 10 minutes)!

Radio "Ten" Codes & Signals

FCC Frequency Allocation Chart

Seth Hanson Memorial Birdbath

Bahr No Products  (Efficiency & Strategy Books & More)

West Art Point

Lincmad - Telephone area codes and splits

USPS Zip Codes - Zip + 4 for any street address


Other Interesting Links:

Good place to look up definitions of technical terms:

Find detailed Redbooks published by IBM, which are usually available for download:

Craigslist gives the inside scoop in over 20 U.S. cities:

Cambridge Dictionary--Impress your friends with the word of the day:

Custom Ink--Make your own T-shirts and view them right online:

Urban Legends and Hoaxes at Snopes--Find out if you've been duped:

Travel Zoo--The end-all, be-all travel site; search flight finders like Orbitz and Expedia, as well as all major airlines in
     one place:

Political Money Line--Who is giving how much to those politicians and the government:

All Music--The end-all, be-all music site; a comprehensive music resource with hyperlinks to band influences, side
     projects, and more:

Time Out--The world's living guide to city hotels, restaurants, shops and events:

Internet Movie Database--Similar to All Music, but for the entertainment industry:

Site where you can connect with others who share similar interests and live nearby:


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