This new book unveils powerful moves to win anytime, anywhere. Includes many new, highly effective tactics for easily and ethically winning in competition and cooperation. Essential in politics, business, war, sports, and games. Written by a successful corporate director and West Pointer. Makes protecting yourself supereasy!

The essence of winning can be distilled from principles common to all successful human action. Of many actions open for examination, two are highly important: competition and cooperation. Studying competition yields insights on winning in fights for rights or interests. Studying cooperation brings skill at winning in groups with shared goals. To cover these subjects, you can read the books of master theorists from Sun Tzu, through Machiavelli and Clausewitz, to Drucker and Deming. You can also read about master practitioners from Ulysses, through Napoleon and Lee, to modern-day captains of industry and esteemed statesmen. To aid you in such effort, this "philosophy of strategy" tries to consolidate, integrate, and improve upon the works of these master strategists. Distilling the essence of competition and cooperation, it yields the universal rules of winning, those simple yet critical formulas which change a situation to your advantage. In doing so, it crystallizes the powerful methods of attack and defense for your use in virtually any application, whether it be in general life, business, games, sports, politics, martial arts, or war. By presenting strategic action from such a high-level vantage point, this book helps change strategy from an art to a science. In doing so, it provides almost any interested student with the pure power of strategy.

Because the development of strategies often means the development of new options, the author includes as a supplement his handy brainstorming reference: “Instant Productivity: 101 Ways to Create.”

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