Digital & Optical Carrier Hierarchy Standards









          1DSO                                                                  64 Kbps; 56 Kbps & signalling
        24DSO        DS1                            T1            1.544 Mbps; SONET VT1.5   1.728 Mbps
        32DSO           E1                                            2.048 Mbps; SONET VT2       2.304 Mbps
        48DSO        DS1C                        2T1          3.152 Mbps; SONET VT3        3.456 Mbps
        96DSO        DS2                           4T1          6.312 Mbps; SONET VT6        6.912 Mbps
      672DSO        DS3 or STS1         28T1        44.736 Mbps; SONET OC1     51.840 Mbps
    2016DSO      3DS3 or STS3         84T1     155.520 Mbps; SONET OC3     or 3OC1
    4032DSO        DS4 or 6DS3       168T1     274.176 Mbps; SONET OC6     or 6OC1
    8064DSO    12DS3 or STS12     336T1    622.080 Mbps; SONET OC12   or 4OC3
  32256DSO    48DS3 or STS48   1344T1 2488.320 Mbps: SONET OC48   or 4OC12
129024DSO 192DS3 or STS192 5376T1 9953.280 Mbps; SONET OC192 or 4OC48
172032DSO 256DS3 or STS256 7168T1 13271       Mbps; SONET OC256

SONET = Synchronous Optical NETwork
STS = Synchronous Transport Signal level
OC  =  Optical Carrier level

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